Look Beyond the Rates When Shopping for Super Visa Insurance

Do you want to start the super visa insurance application process to invite your parents or grandparents to Canada? If you do, the first step to obtaining it is to buy medical emergency travel insurance.

To buy medical emergency travel insurance there are several factors you have to consider. Sure the rate of the insurance policy is important, but it’s not the only thing. Prior to buying medical emergency travel insurance, you need to decide the following two things:

  • Do the benefits meet your parents’ or grandparents’ needs?
  • How much medical emergency travel insurance do you need if your loved ones fall sick unexpectedly?

Remember, you are shopping for medical emergency travel insurance that meets the requirements of the super visa insurance. In this post, you will learn about the following two things:

  • What do you need to look for when shopping for medical emergency travel insurance?
  • Why do you need to look beyond the rates?

Consider the Additional Benefits

Super visa insurance requires the applicant to have medical emergency travel insurance that offers them the following benefits:

  • Healthcare
  • Hospitalization
  • Repatriation

However, you will have the option to choose between the different levels of coverage. For instance, you can buy a coverage plan at a low rate with minimum benefits when obtaining medical travel emergency insurance for your super visa insurance application.

If you decide to go with the coverage plan, offering minimum benefits, you need to ensure that you have reviewed all other available options and you clearly comprehend which benefits are not part of a lower premium coverage plan.

What Coverage Plan Comes Highly Recommended?

The recommended coverage plan is one that offers you the right benefits that fulfill the applicant’s needs. For instance, not every medical emergency travel plan covers pre-existing conditions and you will find coverage plans that offer the following services:

  • Emergency dental care
  • Emergency prescription medication
  • Allowances for paramedical services such as physiotherapists and chiropractors

You should know that it is not necessary for coverage plans under medical emergency travel insurance to offer you these benefits. Some coverage plans may offer you these benefits whereas others might not, which is why it is so important for you to choose the right coverage plan for your parents and grandparents.

Apart from this, you can also consider obtaining a coverage plan for side-trips. For instance, your parents and grandparents have come to Canada on super visa insurance. They want to travel to the United States from Canada for a few days or weeks — it can also be for just one day — you should get a coverage plan that includes side-trips.

While visiting, your parents or grandparents may fall sick. This can save them from paying several hundred and thousands of dollars. Plus, it’s not always likely that they’ll have a pre-existing medical condition which would increase their chances of falling sick; a medical emergency like falling or a car accident can also happen.

If your parents or grandparents face a medical emergency where they need to visit a doctor or need to be hospitalized while they are in the United States, the medical bills will be through the roof, as it is more expensive to obtain medical treatment there than in Canada.

For this reason, it is extremely crucial for people applying for super visa insurance and fulfilling its requirement of obtaining medical emergency travel insurance to consider all their options when choosing a coverage plan. They also need to consider the benefits and rates of various coverage plans before they purchase it.

 Perform Research on the Cost of Hospitalization

Most people, purchasing medical emergency travel insurance for their parents and grandparents coming to Canada, do not consider the actual cost of hospitalization.

Another thing to remember when performing research on the hospital charges is that hospitals across the country charge different rates for their medical services. For instance, when you research on the hospital costs, resulting out of an emergency, you will uncover that the cost of initial consultation in the emergency room, TV for the hospital room etc. will differ from each other.

Moreover, hospitals charge separately for transportation via ambulance and this is an addition to the fees doctors charge patients for medical tests and procedures.

To give you a clear idea on this, here is an example, showing the fees that hospitals located in different cities may charge patients on super visa insurance:

  • $15.25 each day for basic TV in Ontario
  • $50 for an x-ray plus hospital fee in Ontario
  • $3,100 each day for a semi-private room in Ontario
  • $7,000 minimum to install or replace a pacemaker in British Columbia
  • $750 initial fee for going to the emergency room in British Columbia
  • $1,099 for ambulance transport in Nova Scotia
  • $20 for 5 cm sutures in Newfoundland
  • $598 for an appendectomy in Yukon
  • $670 to mend a broken leg such as an open reduction of a fracture in the lower leg in Manitoba

*Note: The aforementioned costs are just estimates and are there to give you an idea only. Medical fees in Canada vary by province and territory.

If you add up all these costs, they would amount to a lot, which is why it is so important for you to obtain medical emergency travel insurance for your parents or grandparents headed to Canada. This is also one of the primary reasons why the government of Canada has made obtaining medical emergency travel insurance a requirement for people coming to the country on super visa insurance.

A word of advice is that if you reside in a province or territory where the fees are high, you should search for a higher coverage limit. Another thing you need to consider is an increased deductible. An increased deductible will reduce the overall insurance rate or premium. However, know that super visa insurance rates constantly change throughout the year.

An Example of the Changing Super Visa Insurance Rates

Back in 2017, only a few insurance companies decided to increase their super visa insurance rates. Additionally, they replaced one policy with another policy. Since then, insurance companies have added several new policies that an applicant can make part of their super visa insurance.

When you are buying super visa insurance for your parents or grandparents, consider the following things:

  • You should buy medical emergency travel insurance for a minimum of $100,000 and submit it with your super visa insurance application
  • The duration of your super visa insurance coverage should be one year
  • You can select the date of the super visa insurance coverage with the ability to change the date before your super visa insurance policy goes into effect
  • It is your responsibility to change the date by either calling or emailing the insurance company
  • You can also contact your insurance agent to inform them you want to change the date
  • The date of the super visa insurance coverage should be the date you are expected to receive your parents or grandparents in Canada, as from there, the one-year duration for the coverage begins
  • In the event your parents or grandparents are unable to acquire a visa to enter the country, you may be eligible to receive either a full or partial refund
  • If the visa office rejects your parents or grandparents super visa application for some reason, you may be able to receive a full refund
  • If your parents or grandparents decide to exit the country before their one-year duration ends, you may be able to receive a refund on remaining days
  • You can also obtain super visa coverage plans, covering pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes
  • The super visa coverage plans that cover pre-existing conditions only cover those individuals who are stable, which means they take the same medication, they do not have any pending tests from the doctor they need to get done, and their doctor has not told any new information regarding their medical condition
  • If your parents or grandparents want to stay for more than a year, you will need to buy a new super visa insurance coverage, eight days prior to the expiry date of the current super visa insurance

It’s pretty much established by now that if you want to bring your parents or grandparents over, you need to buy super visa insurance along with medical travel emergency insurance. Looking for ways to save money while you buy these insurance policies?

We’ve got you covered!

3 Ways You Save Money on Your Super Visa Insurance Coverage

Here are three ways you can save money on your super visa insurance coverage:

  1. Choose a Monthly Payment Plan

Monthly payment plan to pay for super visa insurance was introduced in 2013. It made it easier for applications to afford super visa insurance to call their parents or grandparents over to Canada. On this plan, you can pay the insurance company each month instead of paying a large chunk of money upfront. Usually, you either need to pay a onetime yearly premium that you need to pay in advance.

If you want to buy this insurance policy on a monthly payment plan, get in touch with the insurance company of your choice to ask if they offer this feature. In most cases, a monthly payment plan may be available to you upon request. By paying on a monthly basis, you feel less financially burdened.

  1. Choose a Deductible

The deductible is the amount of money that the applicant agrees to pay out of their pocket in the event they make a claim on their super visa insurance coverage. Even though you will need to pay it off if you make a claim on your super visa insurance coverage, it will save you money in the meantime. However, it is recommended that you do not choose a deductible amount that is more than $1,000. In the event of a medical emergency, you will have no choice, but to pay that high deductible amount.

  1. Only Buy What You Need

When you are buying other benefits, adding them to your super visa insurance coverage, you need to read the fine print and ask any questions you have in mind so you can make the right choice in terms of obtaining the right type of coverage for your parents or grandparents.

When you are purchasing super visa insurance and medical emergency travel insurance, you need to consider all the factors to make a wise decision. If you want to invite your loved ones to the country, calling them on super visa insurance will be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get them here.

Call Your Parents and Grandparents to Canada Now

Do you need any help filling out and submitting the super visa insurance and obtaining medical travel emergency travel insurance? If you do, you can contact us for assistance. We can provide you with insurance plans on the good rates as well as advice you on the types of benefits you should make part of your coverage plan. Once here, you can even extend their stay in Canada if need be. By far, this has become one of the easiest and quickest ways for you to bring your parents or grandparents over o the country. If you need assistance in getting them to the country on super visa insurance, we can help you with the process.

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