Why go for Travel Insurance?

Today’s prices are going so high, difficult to have a luxurious life still out from all I love to spend the weekend out with my family. After all working all weekdays, I deserve to relax time with family, explore the world outside the four walls of the office. But nowadays everyone talks about travel insurance, How important it is? Which plan to buy?. So I planned to go through it by myself, reviewed different plans to know their features and benefits in details. While going through all the plans one thing strikes in my mind that, I have to change my perspective towards travel insurance. Assume that while traveling some unaccepted incident happens, we going to be alone at the new strange city and all my expenses I saved for my kid’s education will be gone to pay off hospital bills at the time of emergency. It doesn’t mean money is important for me but it wouldn’t be easy to use that money I saved for fulfilling my kid’s dreams.

There are lots of companies with different prices and policies some include all and some exclude more but in brief travel insurance packages include coverage for baggage, trip cancellation, trip interruption and almost means medical emergency during travel, even emergency dental. A quick review of my plan that chooses that covers everything I think important to have a hassle-free, fun trip with my family.

  • 100% refund – If no Visa Granted for any reason before the effective date.
  • Emergency out-patient services provided by a hospital when medically necessary.
  • Up to $5,000 to repair or replace whole or sound natural teeth or permanently attached artificial teeth damaged as a result of an accidental blow to the face
  • Air ambulance, to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to a Canadian hospital for immediate emergency medical treatment
  • Up to the cost of a one-way economy, airfare to return you to your province or territory of residence in Canada
  • Twenty-four-hour emergency services
  • Travel medical and accident coverage
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation and many more

I would say, I made the right choice by consulting travel shield insurance. Through travel insurance claim with Travel Shield is very flexible and simple. They guide me on how Canadian traveling abroad or within Canada should consider travel insurance because our government health insurance plan typically covers only a limited portion of our medical expenses once we leave the country and the province. When you’re traveling, even a minor accident or sickness can become a major expense and inconvenience. So we need to go for the plan include a trip outside our home province or territory, to the U.S. or another continent, having travel insurance will ensure to have a good time during our travel and have carefree fun. It’s easy to contact consult them for free at https://www.travelshield.ca/index.php & 1-866-517-0606.

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