Why do we need to buy Snowbird Travel Insurance?

There is a time when I miss my parents so much, so I thought instead of missing why don’t I just invite them to Canada. Dreaming of sharing the best time with parents, mom made food, talking about childhood time and much more, everything going to be a great time with them. Before buying a ticket to Canada the first thing I need to ensure they will have a safe and secure journey. I am the person who thinks a lot before taking any decision, sometimes I sound like having OCD. I always prefer to make a list of things before any trip and here my concern is my parents coming to Canada don’t want to take any risk with them. So I will buy a travel insurance plan that protects them during their vacation. Like others, I don’t want something bad to happen but all these things are not under anybody’s control, precautions are better than regret. I read a lot about the benefits of having travel insurance, not only this I visited different companies to know the best plan for old age people. Consulting so many companies I found there are lots of plans and it’s hard to choose the right plan because of the variety of products you may fall into one plan but not qualified for others. So finally the travel shield advisor told me what points need to be considered before buying any plan.  They guided me best on how I need to keep notes of my parent’s health conditions and their prescriptions.

  • I double-check all the terms and conditions and thoroughly read the documents.
  • If they fall sick or injured, they will take care of them.
  • The main reason for buying travel insurance, if I will not be around them they will coordinate with doctors and staff to give the best treatment.
  • It covers emergency transport, overseas medical expenses.
  • Its covers my parent’s pre-existing medical conditions
  • I had no age limit as my parents are 65 years old. Some travel insurance policies have age limits as they just cover people below age 60.
  • Low premium value with high benefit rate
  • Return to your travel destination after medical treatment
  • You will get options like single trip insurance and multiple trip insurance. So choose the multiple trip insurance that’s a great way to save money.

It was bit confusing deciding the better plan and make sure it covers everything. Even after the travel shield expert advice, I cross-check my travel insurance plan with my family doctor to know it’s going to be a good idea or not. Talk to my doctor was such a relief, he told me my agent already covered everything that needs to be best for senior citizens.

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