Visiting Canada During COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, countries worldwide were in a state of complete lockdown for several months. Nobody knew when things would get better.

The raging pandemic also led to countries closing their borders. However, the travel industry is beginning to pick up pace as borders reopen, quarantine requirements ease up, and positive news in the form of possible vaccines coming forth.

We will tell you what you need to know if your loved ones are planning to travel to Canada.

Who Can Travel to Canada?

Based on the Canadian government’s official page, Canadian citizens, dual Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, persons registered under Canada’s Indian Act, and protected persons are allowed to enter Canada.

If you are a foreign national, some conditions can make you eligible for travel to Canada. Immediate family members of Canadian citizens can enter the country, provided they can prove they are related to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Visitors must prove that they will be staying for at least 15 days, or they have an important reason to travel to Canada if they are staying for less than that time. Extended family members can also be allowed under the same conditions if they have written authorization from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Fortunately, there are travel insurance policies for visitors to Canada that can provide them with the right coverage. It is all a matter of finding the most suitable insurance plan. That is where we come in.

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