Early Return and cancellation of Super Visa Insurance

Early Return

If the policyholder holds a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (PG1) and has purchased 365 days of coverage, and returns to the country of origin before the policy expires and has no claim on the insurance policy during the stay in Canada. The insured can request a partial refund due to their early return home before the policy expiry date.

The request should be as soon as the person returns to the country of origin as the window to apply for the refund is approximately 45 days from the date of return.


If the application for the super visa is declined by the immigration office. The policy holder can request a cancellation of the insurance before the effective date and a full refund is provided.

If the cancellation request is due to a variety of other reasons like the health benefits are covered by the government due to obtaining PR or under Refugee status, or any other personal reasons, the admin fee apply.

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