Monthly payment plans for Super Visa Insurance

Monthly Super Visa Insurance payment plan offers great flexibility in payment providing the same benefits as the lump sum plan. The premium on the monthly policy is more for obvious reason that paying in one go gets a better price.

The Monthly premium is approximately $20 extra each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to claim on the policy?

Please call the assistance phone number on your policy to open the claim and to receive the claim form.

 2. Can I go to any Doctor?

Yes, in case of a medical emergency you can go to any doctor, just call the claims phone number before going to open a claim. Please refer to your policy wording for Benefits, Eligibility & Exclusions.

 3. Does the policy get effective on arrival of my parent?

The monthly plans need to be activated before arriving in Canada. Once you have confirmed the airline ticket, you should contact your insurance agent or email at to get the policy activated for the day your parent is arriving. Once the policy is activated a new confirmation email is provided for your parents to bring with them to the airport. Waiting period may apply, if the visitor is in Canada before activation of the policy, please refer to policy wording for more details.

4. How is the two-month deposit applied to the duration of the policy?

The Two months premium paid at the time of purchase of the policy will be adjusted in the eleventh and the twelfth month of the policy period.

5. When will the first-months premium charged?

The first-month premium is charged on the day of activation of the policy.

6. When should I contact to get the insurance policy activated?

    Simply contact us, when you have the confirmed arrival date so that the policy can be activated accordingly.

7. Can we request early return refund if we have a claim on the policy?

An Early refund request can be accommodated only if NO claim is reported on the policy. The claimed policy cannot be terminated and the monthly payments will continue to complete the 10 months cycle even if the insured returns back to the country of origin.

8. What documents are required to request an early return refund?

We will need the copy of boarding pass to the country of origin for an early return refund request or a copy of the first page and the page on the passport which has the entry stamp to the country of origin.

9. What if the visa is refused?

The insurance policy can be canceled with the recent visa refusal letter, the two-month premium is refundable but the $50 processing fee is non-refundable.

10. What is the cancellation policy?

The monthly plans are only cancellable if the visa is refused.

11. In case of an early return, can I get some premium back?

If No claim on the policy, an early return refund is available for the unused months and is subject to an administration fee of $50.

Important example – If your parent’s coverage was used for 5 months and 1 day or 5 months and 29 days, 6 months will be treated as used, the refund is calculated based on months used and NOT days used.

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