How is Super Visa Insurance Different from Visitor Visa?

If your loved ones such as your parents and grandparents are coming to visit you in Canada, you need to decide whether or not they should apply for super visa insurance or visitor visa. There is a stark difference between the two that you must know so you can make a well-informed decision.

When Should You Consider Super Visa Insurance?

You should consider applying for super visa insurance if your parents are visiting you in Canada for an extended period of time. They might require medical care while they are in Canada and super visa insurance will cover their medical expenses. If they are coming for a short duration, you might opt for a visitor visa. To come to a decision, it is important you learn the differences between the two.

Visitor Visa

Visitor visa is one of the most common types of visas people from other countries apply for when they visit their relatives in Canada. Canadian Immigration maintains a list of countries, which you can find on their website, on who requires a visitor visa.

If your country’s name is not on the list, your relatives will not need to apply for visitor visa on their trip to Canada. Visitor visa lasts for up to six months and if your relatives need to stay with you longer, they will need to apply for an extension. The same rule applies to residents of countries that do not need to apply for visitor’s visa, meaning they will also need to apply for an extension if they want to stay in the country for longer than six months. However, extending visitor’s visa for more than six months can be costly.

Super Visa Insurance

If your parents or grandparents want to stay in Canada for up to two years with the ability to extend their stay for up to ten years, they should apply for super visa insurance. Super visa insurance in comparison to visitor’s insurance is much more cost-effective.

The requirements for both types of visas are the same. On both types of visas, your loved ones will have to prove that they will be returning to their country once their stay ends. The children or grandchildren of people visiting Canada need to provide proof that they can financially support their loved ones during their stay in the country.

Canada will not allow anyone into the country if they pose a security threat or have a criminal record. However, these are just two of the many requirements one needs to fulfill before they can visit Canada on either of those two visas.

The Biggest Difference between the Two

The biggest difference between the two is quite obvious. On super visa insurance, your parents or grandparents will receive health insurance. If you need your loved one’s application for a super visa to be accepted, you need to apply for super visa insurance for them.

We can provide you with the assistance you need to apply for super visa insurance for your loved ones.

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