Super Visa vs. Immigration of Parents: Which Process Should You Choose?

Your parents live in another country while you are settled in Canada. You want to bring your parents to
you. To bring them over, you can apply for Super Visa or through the immigration process. Both options
are viable, but one is better than the other. Learning about both processes to invite parents to live with
you in Canada will help you decide between the two.

Sponsoring Your Parents via Super Visa
You can invite your parents to Canada on a Super Visa. You will need to do the following to apply for
Super Visa:
Send Your Parents a Letter of Invitation (you should be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. The
invitation should include a providing financial support for them during their stay, the number of people
living with you, and a copy of your citizenship or permanent residency document)

1. Proof You Meet the Minimum Income Requirement
Proof You Have Obtained Medical Insurance from an Insurance Company in Canada (needs to be valid
for one year from the date they enter Canada with a coverage of at least $100,000)

2. Provide a Document Verifying Their Immigration Medical Exam
In most cases, they will process your Super Visa application within a few weeks.
Sponsoring Your Parents via the Immigration Process

You can invite your parents to Canada via the immigration process. You will need to become a sponsor
and your parents will need to apply for permanent residency.

You will need to send both at the same time. Within 60 days, you will receive the application from the
date you submitted it. Here are the six steps to apply for immigration for your parents to come to

1. Submit Your Sponsor Form for Review

2. Receive Your Invitation to Submit a Complete Application

3. Receive the Application Package (document checklist for you and your parents, forms for youand your parents to fill out, and an instruction guide to assist you and your parents fill out the
forms correctly)
*Just make sure you are eligible to sponsor your parents for immigration to Canada. You should
also make sure all the information on the application is true. Otherwise, Canadian immigration
will reject your application.

4. Pay the Application Fees (processing fees for you and your parents, the Right of Permanent
Residence Fee, and the biometric fee, all which you can pay online).

5. Submit Your Application (the application will be returned to you if it is incomplete, fees are
missing, they did not invite you to submit a complete application, and you did not receive the
application within the specified date in the invitation)

6. Send Additional Information during Processing (parents will need to submit biometrics,
showing this letter to give it, and will have to do it in 30 days as well medical exam and police

Out of the two options, you can clearly see that not only is the process longer for immigration, but it
takes longer for them to process the application. For Super Visa Insurance, the process is shorter, and
you will receive the verdict on the approval status of your application with a few weeks.

Between the two, opt for Super Visa to bring you parents to Canada. You can do it through a brokerage

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