Are You Making These Super Visa Application Mistakes?

Super Visa Application Mistakes
Are you applying for a Canadian super visa? It may appear to be a straightforward process but
filling out the super visa application form requires time and focus so that you can avoid the
most common super visa application mistakes. You will need to make sure that you provide the
most accurate information possible to make the process go as smooth as possible.
Contrary to what you might be thinking, it is very common for people to make mistakes while
they are filling in the application. This is one of the major reasons why visa applications are

The Most Common Super Visa Application Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people commit in the super visa application:
Fields Are Left Incomplete

A surprisingly large number of people leave one or more fields empty in their application form.
They think that such an act is harmless when in fact the opposite is true. They might assume
that the information being requested in that field is not very important, but that is not the case.
All fields are important, and they must all be filled with due diligence.

No one will call you up to request missing information. If you don’t know the answer to a
question, you must make an inquiry rather than leaving it blank. It is your job to ensure that the
application form is complete and that nothing has been left out.
And if you don’t know the answer to something you must resist the temptation to take the easy
way out by surmising. This is counterproductive because any discrepancy in your application
will lead to instant disqualification. Rather than taking chances and making assumptions you
must double check everything and make sure that all information provided is accurate and

You must make sure that you put your signature wherever it is required. Even one missed
signature can lead to rejection.

You must always be completely honest when you provide information and supporting
documents. Never attempt to submit any forged document. Providing incorrect information is
tantamount to misrepresentation and will result in disqualification.

Officers handling applications have vast experience and know about all the tricks that people
use to get an unfair advantage. It does not pay to attempt deceiving them. It will only tarnish
your credibility and lead to disqualification.

Not Presenting Enough Evidence
If you provide insufficient evidence of financial and social ties to your home country, officials
may suspect that you will not return after your stay is complete. You must provide full evidence
of permanent employment and social ties so that officials are satisfied that you will return once
your stay is over.

Unauthorized Representative

If you choose to hire a representative to improve your chances of success, you must ensure that
they are qualified. Make sure to ask for their credentials. Your immigration representative must
be registered with the law society of the province where they are residing and also with the
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulation Council.
You should take note of these super visa application mistakes to ensure that your application
has maximum chances of success.
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