Are You Still Unaware of the Importance of Super Visa Insurance Coverage?

Super Visa Insurance Coverage
Your super visa application has been approved, and you feel truly elated. You are now looking
forward to visiting your relatives in Canada.
However, there are certain emergencies that can arise for which you will need super visa
insurance coverage. Nobody likes to think about medical emergencies, but they are a reality
and are commonly experienced by many travellers. By selecting the right super visa insurance
policy, you can enjoy complete peace of mind during your stay.

What Super Visa Insurance Coverage Can Do for You

Hardly anything can compare with the level of uncertainty that you will have to face in case of a
medical emergency. It is bad enough to face a medical emergency in your home country but
facing such circumstances overseas is far worse. When you are struggling with your health, the
last thing that you want to worry about is the financial cost. Medical emergencies can incur
immense financial costs. Having the right super visa insurance policy in place will offer you
great assurance and make it much easier for you to recover.

Low Premium and Great Returns
The best part is that premiums are low and the value that they offer is tremendous. You can get
great value for money with the right insurance plan. The minimum coverage is a very sizeable
$100,000, which extends to 365 days starting with the date of your entry into Canada.
The insurance plan is risk-free because you will get a 100 percent refund if a visa is not granted
prior to the effective date.

Emergency Healthcare Costs Covered
Our super visa insurance policy takes care of healthcare costs, hospitalization expenses, and
In case you get hospitalized, your insurer will pay for semi-private hospital accommodation and
all reasonable medical expenses that are incurred during your stay in the hospital.
The insurer will also pay for emergency anesthetic, surgical and medical services that have been
authorized and performed by a licensed physician.
Another great benefit is the reimbursement of $3,000 in case you have to return home during
the coverage period. This amount is subject to approval by the Claim Administrator and will
cover one-way economy class travel through the most straightforward route to the country
where you belong. The best part is that one more insured family member will also be covered
by this plan.

Benefits for Dependants
You will also not have to worry about your accompanying dependents while you are recovering
from your emergency health situation. If your hospitalization extends to more than 48 hours,
then your insurer will reimburse you $50 each day for a maximum amount of $500 for an
attendant – apart from your relatives – who cares for your travelling companions that are
either mentally handicapped or under the age of 18 who need your support. With this kind of
peace of mind, you will increase the odds of having a quick recovery.

There are several more benefits that we can offer you. To find out more about the terms and
conditions, contact us today.
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