Travelling with Health Conditions? Ignoring These Steps Could Cost You Dearly

Travelling with Health Conditions
Pre-existing medical conditions are a cause for concern, but they should not prevent you from
enjoying your golden years. In particular, they should not stop you from visiting your loved ones
abroad. You just have to take some smart precautions so that you are ready to travel when
your super visa application is approved.

Precautions to Take When Travelling with Health Conditions

Here are some tips that can help you if you are travelling with health conditions:
 You should carry along medical supplies in a handbag that always remain with you
during your travel. You should keep a good stock of medication in case you find yourself
in an emergency during travel delays.

 Take care of the temperature to which your medication is subjected. This is particularly
crucial for insulin. Extreme temperature can reduce effectiveness and denature sensitive
medications and insulin. You should try to keep your insulin in a vacuum flask packed
with ice. Rather than carrying vials, you should carry insulin pens.

 During the flight, you should remember the timings of your medications. It is easy to get
distracted during your flight, so it is better for you to set an alarm on your wrist watch
or your smartphone.

 You should not assume that you will find food that suits your medical condition. You
should always take along healthy food with you.

 While you are flying, you can always ask for meals that are low in sugar, fat, and salt.
You can do the same during stays in hotels. You should, in fact, ask if such food will be
available during the flight while you are booking your airline ticket.

 You should take a medical full medical test and have your cholesterol, blood pressure
and other parameters checked at least a few weeks before your flight. You should
consult your doctor for medical advice.

 You should also wear clothing that will suit the climate of your destination. Your shoes
should also be comfortable.

 You should carry a card or bracelet with you which identifies your medical condition.
This is particularly necessary for coronary and diabetic patients. The card or bracelet will
also carry a note which outlines steps that should be taken in case of a medical
emergency. There will also be emergency contact information. This is extremely
important if you will have to travel alone.

 In addition to medications for your chronic illness, you should also get advice from your
doctor about first aid medications for vomiting, diarrhea, fever and other illnesses that
commonly occur during travel.

We wish you a safe and happy journey and hope that you enjoy your stay. But medical
emergencies are a reality that can transpire any time during your stay. To keep you covered and
worry-free we are offering you a super visa insurance policy that provides several benefits.
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