Your Super Visa Application Can Be Rejected Under These Circumstances

Super Visa Application
Super visa applications allow parents and grandparents to visit their children or grandchildren
residing in Canada. If approved, the super visa will allow parents and grandparents to stay for
up to two years when visiting Canada. The visa remains valid for up to 10 years.
But there are also a number of eligibility requirements for super visa applications.

Eligibility for Super Visa Application

Your child or grandchild should be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Several factors
will be considered before you are granted approval, such as your financial situation, the reason
for visit, social ties, etc.
You will also have to pass a health test to verify that you don’t carry any communicable disease.
You could be denied approval if you are found to suffer a disease that is not covered by your
medical insurance. Your insurance must be enough to cover your health issues during your stay
in Canada.

You can be denied a super visa based on the following issues:
Income Threshold
The IRCC requires your family to provide a certain minimum level of financial support. Only
then will it consider your super visa application. If you will travelling alone to visit a single child,
then the minimum income of that child must be at least $30,286. This value is the Low Income
Cut-Off or LICO. The LICO for a 4-person family amounts to $45,206 while the LICO for a 7-
person family is $64,381.

You can also be denied entry based on the following grounds:
 The government considers you to be a security risk
 You have been convicted of committing a criminal act outside of Canadian territory. Or
you have committed an act which is a crime under Canadian Law.
 You have violated international or human rights.
 You are suffering from a serious health problem that would put others at risk or place a
great burden on Canadian healthcare.
 The information that you provided was incorrect.
 One of your family members has been declared inadmissible.
 You suffer immense financial difficulties.

Electronic Travel Authorization
In order to travel to Canada, visa-exempt foreigners are required by the Canadian government
to present the Electronic Travel Authorization. Without this authorization, you will be denied
entry by border service officers.
Other Common Mistakes That Can Result in Delay or Disqualification
There are certain common mistakes which can result in delay such as submitting
documentation without accompanying English or French translation, blurred photocopies and
photos, missing signatures, missing forms, etc.

These can also lead to rejection of your application. It is, therefore, necessary to give attention
to detail so that you don’t have to suffer from delay and disqualification.
Hopefully, you will now be able to avoid pitfalls that result in super visa application getting

To ensure that your stay in Canada is free from worries you must think about an insurance plan
to cover medical emergencies. Our super visa insurance policy provides excellent coverage that
will be of great assistance should any medical emergencies transpire.

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