Step 4: Immigration Medical for applying for Super Visa.

The immigration medical examination is the next essential step in your supervisa process. You must see a doctor on the list of panel physicians. Your own doctor can’t do the medical exam. Find a panel physician to perform your exam.

When you go to your appointment for the medical exam, you must bring:

  • Proper identification – at least 1 government-issued document with your photograph and signature, such as a passport or national identity card
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses, if you wear them
  • Any medical reports or test results that you have for any previous or existing medical conditions
  • A list of your current medications
  • The Medical Report form (IMM 1017E), if you don’t have an up-front medical exam; CIC will send you this form
  •  4 recent photographs if the panel physician doesn’t use eMedical. Contact the panel physician before your appointment to find out.
  • If you’re referred for an x-ray or other tests, you may be asked to present your identification again when you go for those tests.

What you need to pay for

You must pay all fees related to the medical exam when you’re there, including:

  • the fee for the doctor or radiologist
  • any special tests, investigations or treatment needed
  • any specialists you need to see

If CIC refuses your application after your medical exam, CIC won’t refund those fees.

What to expect during your exam

Only an approved panel physician can do a complete medical exam for immigration reasons.

When you arrive

The panel physician or clinic staff will ask you for identification to confirm your identity. If you’re referred for an x-ray or other tests, you may be asked to present your identification again when you go for those tests. Your picture will also be taken for CIC records.

Medical history questionnaire

The doctor will fill out a medical history questionnaire with you. This questionnaire is about any previous or existing medical conditions. They’ll also ask you about any medications you’re taking.

Physical examination

You’ll undergo a physical exam. The doctor or medical clinic staff will:

  • weigh you
  • measure your height
  • check your hearing and vision
  • take your blood pressure
  • feel your pulse
  • listen to your heart and lungs
  • feel your abdomen
  • check how your limbs move
  • look at your skin

Other possible tests

Depending on your age, you may be asked to do chest x-rays and laboratory tests at the clinic or a laboratory. This is routine screening and the doctor will discuss any abnormal results with you. You may be referred to a specialist for more testing, depending on the results of your medical exam. CIC will ask that you complete this request as soon as possible to avoid delays in the processing of your medical examination.

Right to have a chaperone

You have the right to a chaperone at any time during the medical exam.

You may:

  • ask the medical clinic to have a staff member in the room
  • stop the exam at any time to ask questions about what the doctor is doing
  • stop the exam and ask for a chaperone, even if you refused one at first

If you have questions or feel uncomfortable with a part of the exam, please ask the panel physician to stop and tell them about your concerns.

After your exam is done

Once the exam is done, the physician will send the results to the immigration department. The doctor will give you a document confirming that you had a medical exam. Whether you took an upfront exam or not, keep a copy of the print out given to you by the panel physician as proof of your immigration medical exam. If you’re unsatisfied with how the panel physician or panel radiologist did your medical exam, you may:

The Canadian government welcomes all compliments, comments or observations through the feedback form.

If you took an upfront medical exam

You must include a copy of the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form that the doctor gave you after your exam. If the doctor works with eMedical, they’ll give you an information sheet print out. You must attach that form to your paper application. If you apply online, you must upload that form before you can submit your application.

If you took a medical exam after you submitted your application

There is no further action required on your part.

How long your medical results are good for

Your medical exam results are good for 12 months only. If you don’t come to Canada at that time, you may need to do another exam.

Getting a copy of your medical exam

If you want a copy of your medical exam, please ask the doctor when you’re there. Medical reports and x-rays for the medical exam become the property of CIC and cannot be returned to you.

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