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OK, I know, every time we heard of insurance, it gives pessimist thoughts. We all hope we’ll never need it but, when need, we’re so glad to have it. People like me who love to travel a lot, like a 3-4 trip in a year to explore different cultures, travel insurance plan is one of the best friends. Being a management student is very organized, before start packing the first thing I do inform my travel insurance advisor that I am going to so and so country. For me, my insurance and my air tickets are having the same importance. My travel insurance covers the entire duration of your trip while I need two air tickets for going and coming back to my country. I believe in smart planning, make it sure that it’s not going to be my last trip. Yes, just like others I want saving, I had a second thought not to buy any travel insurance plan. But once you got to know about their benefits, it makes you buying travel insurance this time. Accidents can happen Any Time, Any Place, so it’s best to insure yourself for them. 


Luckily, during searching different secure plans I read about Travel Shield insurance plans. I know, you think that I am dam stupid by just ready something online invested in travel insurance. In reality, I read about lots of companies, consulted their advisor and finally decided to make a smart investment with a Travel Shield investment plan. According to we all should consider a few things before buying travel insurance. 

  • Everyone should aware of fake promises these companies make. 
  • Go through each documentation before signing them. Pay full attention to every single promise they are saying and documents they presenting. 
  • Partial medical expenses.
  • Make sure that all appointments, medication and travel costs would be covered.
  • Coverage in case of lost baggage, delays, and emergencies.
  • Lowest Premiums Guaranteed
  • 100% refund – If no Visa Granted for any reason before the effective date.
  • A convenient monthly payment scheme.
  • Pre-existing medical condition.
  • A 24-hour emergency helpline.
  • Cover repatriation back to your home country.
  • Covers emergency evacuation.
  • Flexible claim process.
  • The benefit of 30- days supply per prescription unless the insured person is hospitalized.
  • Transport on a licensed airline with an attendant for your emergency return to Canada for immediate medical attention.
  • Registered private duty nurse as the result of a covered emergency when medically necessary and while hospitalized
  • Covers Dental emergency.
  • Licensed ground ambulance service.
  • Covers prenatal care, childbirth, miscarriage, and post-natal care including associated complications.
  • One visit a physician for a routine examination in any 12 months.

For free consultancy and expert opinion you can contact my insurance company at & 1-866-517-0606 or visit their website to through each plan, they have“, you going to be in a safe hand. 


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