How Super Visa Insurance is different from Travel Insurance?

Most Canadian citizens or permanent residents have parents or grandparents that live in another country like all want them to live with them in Canada for an extended period. For this, all want to discover all the possible ways to go for the best policy that one-size-fits-all sort insurance. From December 2011 the Canadian government launched Super Visa to make things easy for Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents to invite their Parents and Grandparents to Canada. Though every time I heard of the Super Visa Insurance one question still raised in everybody’s mind how Super Visa Insurance differs from Travel Insurance?


One of the major differences in Super Visa Insurance is issued by the Federal Government and the Travel Insurance by regular insurance providers. Super Visa Insurance is as simple as Travel Insurance designed for outsiders or visitors to Canada, but under Travel Insurance visitors exempt, can enter Canada for 6 months and under Super Visa Insurance can visit for a period up to 2 consecutive years. When it’s about family, everybody wants to stay for a longer period, to spend good times, have a nice vacation that Super Visa provides validation for up to 10 years and allow for re-entry during this time. On the other hand, with Travel Insurance we need to apply for a visa each time we plan to travel to Canada. A Super Visa Insurance is one of the recommended appropriate plans that offer multiple benefits, saves visitors time and money, travel flexibility plus full help under medical emergency.


The Super Visa Insurance and the Travel Insurance has a difference in legalities, requirements, and procedures, as the applicant needs to prove the relationship with the visitors, a purpose, an invitation letter and most important in all is the minimum income threshold of the sponsored person who we don’t need all this in Travel Insurance. With the clear submission of all the documents Super Visa Insurance is just a piece of cake and can reunite with their families from 8 days up to 45 or 50 days.

One Policy

Where in Travel insurance everyone has to apply separately, the coverage is provided to that individual only, but in Super Visa Insurance parents or grandparents come under a single policy and provide coverage to both parents or grandparents? There are different tenures and plans in case of travel insurance but in case of Super Visa Insurance, if two visitors have the time gap between visiting Canada, for example, your mother has a plan for November but your father stuck with some business deal and he goes to visit Canada on December, in this case, it doesn’t affect their policy and they both are covered under one policy. 


Where in Travel Insurance the visitor is the applicant, he or she is responsible for filling and submission of all the documents? While in Super Visa Insurance the applicant is the host, the sponsored person who is Canadian citizen has to apply and declares to provide all facilities to the visitors on their every single visit (multiple visits).


The Super Visa insurance offers convenience, cover health care, minimum coverage of $100,000, up to 365 days in Canada and no expiry date exclusion. Under Super Visa Insurance the insurance is to applied and cleared before departing their home country, wherein Travel Insurance can be availed at any time, even after arriving in Canada.


The travel insurance is very easy to apply, anybody can apply and qualify after submitting valid documents but in case of Super Visa Insurance the sponsored person, who going to invite the visitors from an outside country needs to be a citizen of Canada or have permanent residency. It’s mandatory to prove the citizenship under Super Visa Insurance otherwise travel insurance is the only option to travel to Canada. The Travel Insurances can be availed before or during the visit but Super Visa Insurance is to be availed before the visit.

There is a lot more about Travel Insurance and Super Visa Insurance from their eligibility criteria to require documents and different plans. For more information visit, call us at 1-800-360-3234 or email us at & 1-866-517-0606. There you will get a free consultation on what plans work best for you, will compare policies and answer all your questionsTeam Travel Shield strongly believes that customers are the most important part of building any business and keeping customers satisfied can lead to sustaining loyal customers. Our rich experience in the Insurance service industry has taught us how to both reach and exceed customer expectations and provide the service that they can count on. We have built lasting customer relationships, legacy accounts and strengthened customer loyalty over the years and continue to do so. We are a focused and customer-oriented company and are always willing to go that extra mile to exceed our customer’s expectations to make sure we serve them the best and bring a smile on their faces and satisfaction with our professional services.

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