Travel Insurance

We have the impression that Travel Insurance is not more than a waste of money. All prefer spending money on luxurious hotels and restaurants but for purchasing Travel Insurance we are out of money. Though we all know its life is very uncertain, no one can predict the risks. Here I give u one situation, when you are traveling on foreign land, how you will manage if any miss happening happens with you at the strange land? Who going to be there in support to minimize the risk factor?. Answer to all questions is only the Travel Insurance that covers being mugged to lost the luggage, from accident to the medical emergency, from the most unexpected turns to the most unexpected of times. If one purchases the right plan, with the right premium cost, Travel Insurance is much less expensive than the whole trip. We have to think outside the box, Travel Insurance is more than the finical security during our trip away from home. Travel Insurance can help you maximize the benefits of traveling by insured coverage and minimize the traveling disaster.

Support in Case of Medical Emergencies

Fall sick while traveling away from home, different from the medical emergency happen in home town. Availing medical treatment in a foreign country is not all about expenses or paying the bill, the Travel Insurance coverage gives you proper help, provides coverage for emergency evacuation, accidents, repatriation, injury, sudden disability, etc. Overall, overseas medical emergencies can be really expensive even if you are on vacations or business trips, or short vacation or the long vacation. Having an overseas travel insurance policy, protect against sudden illness, and pay for any medical expenses at least 100.000 USD, preferably more. Instances of medical treatment by a legally licensed physician, the surgeon, the anesthetist or registered graduate nurse.

Reclaim Flight Rescheduling and Cancellation Fees

It could dishearten on rescheduling or cancelations of flights because of various reasons ranging from weather to strike, from medical exigencies to mechanical issues, or because of some security reasons. The Travel Insurance is more like a back plan in these circumstances, purchased policy aptly taken care of all the charges of the flight cancellation and any other charges that may be necessary and covers under insurance. Therefore, Travel Insurance helps you covered under a non-refundable travel plan and unexpected delays. 

Replacement of Lost or Stolen Luggage

In case if somebody is mugged while traveling and misplacement of luggage including or excluding valuable baggage like electronics, like a broken phone or laptop because of the carelessness of an airline baggage, or loss of wallet with the credit/debit card/passport on the travel, the travel insurance will cover all the blips for us. Or in case there is an excess suitcase, the insurance policy covers up to $500 for the cost of returning your excess baggage to the departure point if you are returned to Canada under the Emergency Air Transportation benefit.

Pet Return

In case of something miss happening, the right travel insurance arrange the returning of the accompanying dog(s) or cat(s) to your province or territory of residence if you are hospitalized because of a covered sickness or injury or returned to Canada under the Emergency Air Transportation benefit or the Repatriation of Remains the benefit. 

Coverage for the Entire Family

Every insurance policy has a clause of the single cover insurance (solo travel) or one that involves the whole family under one insurance. In case of a family trip, it involves more expenditure than solo trips and the same with the risk factor, having higher chances of mishappening. The family travel insurance available in the country that covers the entire family including two adults up to 60 years of age, and dependent children.

Air Transportation and Return & Escort of Children

Thankfully having a Travel Insurance if minor to the major accident or any kind of sickness happen they provide you transportation on a licensed airline with an attendant to the nearest appropriate medical facility or to a Canadian hospital for immediate emergency medical treatment and covers up to $5,000 for your emergency evacuation from a mountainous area, the sea or other remote location to the nearest or you to your province or territory of residence in Canada. And in another case, if they return you to Canada under the Emergency Air Transportation benefit or Repatriation of Remains, the insurer will pay for an escort to accompany the dependent children and return accompanying dependent children to the departure point in the event.

Stress-Free Stays and Hassle-Free Back

The Travel Insurance is the best insurance plan, ensure hassle-free back to home town in case of any medical emergencies or health breakdown, and recouping the losses against unanticipated eventualities. Any kind of a medical emergency in a foreign land is more stress full than in our hometown, in these circumstances appropriate travel insurance providers can stress-free care.

It’s always a positive step to cross-check the police and compare the best plan according to our traveling habit. Any Canadian traveling abroad or within Canada should consider travel insurance because your government health insurance plan typically covers only a limited portion of your medical expenses once you leave the country and your province. When you’re traveling, even a minor accident or sickness can become a major expense and inconvenience. So whether your plans include a trip outside your home province or territory, to the U.S. or another continent, having travel insurance will ensure you enjoy your time away. For more information, contact or call at 1-866-517-0606. Team Travel Shield strongly believes that customers are the most important part of building any business and keeping customers satisfied can lead to sustaining loyal customers. Our rich experience in the Insurance service industry has taught us how to both reach and exceed customer expectations and provide the service that they can count on. We have built lasting customer relationships, legacy accounts and strengthened customer loyalty over the years and continue to do so. We are a focused and customer-oriented company and are always willing to go that extra mile to exceed our customer’s expectations to make sure we serve them the best and bring a smile on their faces and satisfaction with our professional services.

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