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Travel insurance is a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan, that will protect the whole family by covering costs for doctors’ visits, an unexpected injury, prescriptions, flight cancelation, a family member dies and more. Its all-purpose emergency coverage plan would have made to cover the medical costs of an accident or a medical emergency, even within Canada. Planning a family vacation is a little overwhelmed, so much to think about: Where? What? When? In advice by Travel Shield, Canada Insurance suggests while planning for a vacation firstly we need to decide how to go about planning after all? 

Planning for a trip includes one of the most important travel insurance for making memories that would last a lifetime. You’ll need travel insurance the same as we need a home for family, higher education for a good job and similar to travel insurance to have a trip within Canada or outside your beautiful country. The government health insurance plan typically covers only a limited portion of the expenses, so any Canadian traveling abroad or within Canada should get travel insurance before leaving the country and your province. Even a minor accident or sickness during a trip outside the home province or territory to Canada will become a major expense and inconvenience without travel insurance. Having travel insurance will ensure you enjoy your time away. The private medical insurance coverage with the option to select coverage amount from $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000 covers ambulance, diagnostic services, hospitalization, hospital care, repatriation, dental emergencies, much more. 

What are the benefits of a family travel insurance plan?

  • Emergency Air Transportation: Provides a one-way economy airfare to return to your province in Canada for immediate medical attention and ambulance to the nearest appropriate medical facility for immediate emergency medical treatment. 
  • Emergency evacuation from a mountainous area, up to the cost of $5,000 and shift to the remote location to have an accessible medical facility or hospital.
  • Theft and lost baggage coverage insure your belongings anywhere on any portion of the vacation.
  • Cover damaged or stolen possessions like cameras, computers, jewelry, documents, or cell phones, etc. There is a clause if something happened because you were reckless or left in plain sight or unattended.
  • Prescription: Unless they hospitalize the insured person, travel insurance benefits a 30-day supply per prescription. Drugs, including inject-able drugs that can only be obtained upon medical prescription, unless needed to stabilize a chronic condition or a medical condition which an insured person had before the trip.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption generally cover hotel bookings, flight, and faced sudden illness or death in the family. 
  • Covers stable preexisting health conditions under the required period. 
  • Cover emergencies and sudden illnesses sustained while taking part in extreme adventure activities and cause you to head home early. Twenty-four-hour assistance emergency services and help available.
  • Hospitalization – Ambulance, Diagnosis, Surgery, Private Duty Nurse, and Dental emergencies.
  • Meals and Accommodation: Up to $150 per day to a maximum of $3,000 for your commercial accommodation, meals costs for your dependents up to age 18 upon a physician’s advice.
  • Hospital Accommodation: Emergency out-patient services and charges up to the semi-private room by a hospital when medically necessary. If medically necessary, it also covers expenses for treatment in intensive care or coronary care units are also.
  • Diagnostic Services: Laboratory tests and x-rays are covered under this policy but not cover magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), cardiac catheterization, computerized axial tomography (CAT) scans, sonograms or ultrasounds and biopsies under terms and conditions.
  • Return of Travel Companion: Approved in advance by the Insurance Company up to the single one-way economy airfare to the Emergency Air Transportation for a travel companion to return to Canada if they return the insured person to Canada.

The policy defines a “family” as individuals 59 years of age and under comprising you, all dependent children, grandchildren, and/or your spouse. In brief, if you fit within one of the following eligibility criteria, then you’re eligible for our family plan.

  • Family members are looking for a single trip or multi-trip annual plan. 
  • Dependent children, grandchildren and foster children up to 21 years-old living in the same household, or up to 25 years-old if they’re a full-time student (see the policy for more details)
  • Siblings traveling without parents.
  • Grandparents up to the age of 59 years and above. 

Travel Shield Canada Insurance provides all the same benefits of an Emergency Medical plan with some added value:

  • Costs less: Family travel insurance is the most economical option if two or more family members are traveling.
  • Travel together or separately: Family members have a province to travel together or separately and can even leave their home province at the same time.
  • Single trip or annual trip coverage options: With Travel Insurance the applicants have a province to choose the trip length or as much as the trip you want in a day. If you only take one trip or more than once a year, this option makes the most sense to take as many trips as you like all year.

For example, for instance, due to a natural disaster and hiking in the woods, you break your leg. That’s the time your policy should cover your evacuation and other above benefits to the hospital. It’s designed to be there for accidents and emergencies that could happen anytime and without Travel Shield Insurance things unexpectedly go wrong. It’s not a substitute for health insurance, covers health and non-health-related issues that could arise during your trip. 

Depending on the policy you buy, it can be there for you at the time of the slip or fall, pop an eardrum scuba diving, luggage is lost or cancel or cut your trip short because of an uncertain death in the family. For more information, contact Travel Shield Canada Insurance or call at 1-866-517-0606. Their visitors to Canada insurance plans offer emergency coverage to visitors, immigrants, foreign students and Canadians without government health insurance. 

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