Super Visa is a Better Way to Reunite Families than Immigration

All parents and grandparents want the best future for their loved ones. It is unfortunate that many younger people have to move to other countries so they can find the best opportunities for a better future.

Canada happens to have a high influx of foreign nationals who become Canadian permanent residents and gradually Canadian citizens. However, they are unable to bring their parents along with them when they make a move to their new home country. Millions of families often become separated due to the necessity for some members to immigrate to another country.

Reuniting Families

No matter how many opportunities you get in another country, reuniting with your family is crucial. Many Canadians who have recently received permanent resident status or citizenship become sponsors for their parents and grandparents so their loved ones can also live with them in Canada. However, getting approval for the immigration process can take a long time because of such a high demand for immigrating to Canada.

The introduction of the new Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) program aims to reduce waiting times for those looking to sponsor parents or grandparents to Canada has become popular. However, the program is still taking a long time to get the processing finished and reuniting families.

People living in Canada have criticized the immigration system for its unreasonably long processing times, separating families for lengthy periods. The Canadian government was under pressure, and it felt necessary to introduce a better way to reunite families of people living in Canada.

Enter the Canada Super Visa Program

The Canada Super Visa has become the much-needed solution for reuniting families without the extremely long processing times. The Super Visa is a multi-entry visa that provides multiple entries to the visa holder for up to ten years. Unlike typical multi-entry visas., the Super Visa allows an individual to stay for up to two years at a time in Canada. A regular 10-year multiple entry visa would only allow for a period of six months per visit to Canada.

While the Canada Super Visa does not grant permanent resident status for the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, it is a far better way to reunite families than the lengthy and sophisticated immigration process. The Canada Super Visa significantly reduces the amount of time that families have to spend apart by ensuring a quicker and relatively more straightforward process of reuniting Canadian residents with their parents or grandparents living in another country.

Instead of waiting for several years to get approval, you can get the approval in a shorter time. You can go live with your relatives in Canada for up to two years, return to your country, and go back for another two years without having to renew your visa.

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