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Canada’s immigration processing for family reunification processes is extraordinarily slow. Canadians with permanent resident status or citizenship who have family living in another country have been complaining about the complex and time taking process for a long time.

The influx of people into the country has made the entire process more challenging for the government, and there was a growing need for a better way to reunite Canadian families, especially parents of people living in Canada.

The introduction of the Canada Super Visa program has been helping families reunite in Canada without going through the lengthy immigration process.

Family Reunion Stories

Here are a few family reunion stories made possible by the Canada Super Visa program that highlights its success.

A bittersweet reunion

Shakeel and his wife moved to Canada several years ago and finally achieved their citizenship after years of living a hard life in the country. Shakeel’s parents always wanted the best for him, and he wanted to make sure that he’s prepared everything for their immigration to Canada so they can spend their retired life with him in comfort.

The immigration process took 12 years, without results. In that time, Shakeel’s father, unfortunately, passed away. It devastated the entire family. However, the Canada Super Visa program’s introduction allowed Shakeel’s mother to finally visit her only son in Canada and spend time with her grandchildren.

Hagos reunited with his grandparents

Hagos’ grandparents lived with his parents in Nairobi while he began working and living in Canada. In an unfortunate accident, his parents passed away. With no other relatives to take care of his aged grandparents, he decided to move his grandparents with him to Canada to live with his family.

After learning about the extensive time the immigration process can take, Hagos chose to go with the Canada Super Visa program. In a matter of months, Hagos’ grandparents were able to come to reunite with their grandchild after 25 years and finally meet their great-grandchildren, whom they had only seen in pictures.

A refugee who had to leave his parents behind

Maran is a refugee who escaped Sri Lanka during the worst periods of civil unrest. Unfortunately, his parents were unable to make it to Canada and were left behind. It took him a few years to be recognized as a refugee in Canada, but he gradually made a very good life for himself.

Unable to return but desperate to meet his parents, Maran managed to get the Canada Super Visa for his parents and reunite with his aging parents, five years after fleeing Sri Lanka.

Entering the Canada Super Visa Program

The Canada Super Visa has become the most viable solution for reuniting families without extremely long processing times for immigration. The multi-entry visa provides multiple entries to the visa holder for up to ten years. Unlike traditional multi-entry visas, the Super Visa allows an individual to stay for up to two years at a time in the country.

While it does not grant permanent resident status for the parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents and citizens, it is a much quicker way to reunite families than the immigration process. You can get approval in a much shorter time instead of waiting for several years.

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