How to claim the Super Visa Insurance coverage?

You may have searched for the information on Super Visa Insurance. This essential resource aims to answer your question about the Super Visa claim and what you required at the time of the medical emergency. It will also inform you about Travel Shield Super Visa Insurance the most helpful resource to have Super Visa Insurance to protect your family. 

Like me, you may also miss your parents living in your home country and Super Visa is a great way to reconnect and spend real time together in Canada. They design super Visa Insurance to cover the family (parents and grandparents) of a Canadian citizen and permanent residents who are traveling to Canada. It comforts you covering Hospitalization, ambulance services, healthcare, and repatriation, etc. Super Visa Insurance will give you peace of mind and can ensure you have no added stress related to unexpected illness, accidents and other emergency situations while your family visits Canada. As the Government Health Insurance Plans do not cover “a tourist” so, this means with doctor consultancy you will be thrill by hospital bills. Travel Shield Super Visa Insurance will take care you will no longer pose the risk of having expensive medicals bills. Though qualified visitors on Super Visa are eligible to have 10-year multiple entries and can stay for 6 months or longer than that. In order to meet certain requirements, one also needs to be cautious about choosing the right company to have all the benefits. When buying Super Visa Insurance, you need to look at Benefits provided, Exclusions (which includes Stability), and Deductibles. Rest you are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy of each insurance company fixed at the time of purchasing the insurance. If no one has explained to you exactly what this is, then here’s is the link to clear all your doubts mean that the insurance company will pay for you. Travel Shield Super Visa Insurance plan provides more coverage for more emergencies, for more details In brief, eligible benefits will be 

  • Emergency medical up to the plan limit purchased
  • Semi-private emergency hospitalization
  • Ambulance transportation
  • Expenses related to your death
  • 30 days of emergency prescription medication
  • Drop your home and return children under your care.
  • Coverage for side-trips while visiting Canada

To make a claim 

The main logic behind purchasing Super Visa Insurance is that Canadian medical providers (hospital, dentists, medical clinics, etc.) Work closely with Canadian insurance companies. Thus there is direct billing between hospitals and the Canadian insurance companies making the claim reimbursement and settlement process faster. To make a claim, you will need to complete a claim form and attach the original medical bills, receipts and invoices (always make a copy for your record) and mail them to your insurance company. They should report all claims in writing within 30 days of acquiring and all original documents have to be transmitted to the insurance company within 90 days. You will need to complete a claim form and attach the original medical bills, receipts and invoices (always make a copy for your record), your medical and/or hospital record (diagnosis, X-ray, lab tests confirming that the treatment was medically necessary), a copy of the police report (in case of a Motor Vehicle Accident) and mail it to Super Visa Insurance company. If you disagree with the claim decision, the matter will be submitted to arbitration under the arbitration law in the Canadian province or territory where your policy was issued. Every action or proceeding against the insurer to recover insurance money payable under this contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the Insurance Act, or other applicable legislation.

Visitors should also learn how to renew your Super Visa Insurance if they will be staying in Canada longer than the initial coverage period. As the requirements are updated each year, so it is important to double-check before you apply. Or one Super Visa holders may want to purchase the Super Visa insurance for a second term, go through all the insurance needs and requirements again. Find out if the policy you previously purchased has been updated and note any changes which may affect your eligibility for coverage. For example, the changes may include new or updated benefits and features or may include changes to definitions, eligibility requirements, exclusions, claims, restrictions, terms, and conditions. If you have had any claims or changes to your health, you need to inform your insurance company or the agent. A claim or change in your health may affect your claim process of your Super Visa Insurance. You may no longer be eligible to claim or exclusions may apply to you such as coverage relating to a pre-existing condition for which you were previously covered. You may need to talk to your insurance company about the covered benefits and those who excluded after the change in health. There is also another condition, the age can also play a role in not only the type of coverage you are eligible for but the rates you will pay. Again, speak with your insurance agent to find out if or how your current age changes your eligibility for coverage or the premium you will pay. Speaking of the Super Visa medical insurance, the best way to know the cost of premiums, benefits, how easy to claim the top-up coverage under your pre-existing medical conditions status.

We understand that going through the process to obtain this Super Visa Insurance can be stressful, so Travel Shield here to help! They will leverage their experience and expertise to guide you through every step in this process so you will meet all requirements and guidelines set out by the government. Now, feel better acquainted with the Canadian Super Visa, and you can understand why emergency medical insurance is a requirement. You’ve learned more about benefits, coverage and how you can claim at the time of emergency. Here are helpful links to more information about the Super Visa Insurance and its coverage. A great way to determine your eligibility for the Super Visa insurance is to visit this site or email at where you can apply or consult for Super Visa Insurance. In case of an emergency call 24/7 Emergency Assistance Center as soon as possible. To make a claim due to the medical emergency or injury, please Call at 1-866-517-0606. We must send your claim to the Travel Shield Super Visa Insurance plan within 30 days by completing a claim form and Send all original bills within 90 days from the day of the emergency. For more information about the whole process and a complete list of criteria for a Super Visa insurance application, visit the

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